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We Grow, Manufacture, Supply & Export Best Quality Neem oil Bio Pesticide & Neem Cake Globally

Our goal is to achieve eco friendly cost effective and easy to use technology.

We use biological emulsifier in our Neem oil formulation which is very unique to find in the Neem oil market.

Botanical oil extracted from kernel of neem tree seeds

Neem oil is botanical oil extracted from kernel of Neem tree seed by Cold Pressing or CT Cold Pressing method or Solvent Extraction. Among these methods CT cold pressing yield purest Neem oil because solvent is not used for extraction.

Neem oil is contains Azadirachtine & other Limonoids including Meliantrial, Salannin, Nimbin & a host of other Terpinoids in the ratio it occurs naturally in Neem. Azadirachtin (A+B) content of Neem oil varies from 300 ppm to 1500 ppm depending on the extraction technology & quality of the neem fruits. Linoleic acid 6-16%, Oleic acid 25-54%, Alpha-linolenic acid 5%, Hexadecanoic acid 16-33%, Octadecanoic acid 9-24% etc.